Guidance of pesticide registration in Japan

    Dec 12 2017   Pages: 48   Language: English   Price: $650

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      This report is a bible for those who wish to get pesticide registration of chemical pesticide and bio-pesticides in Japan. How to get pesticide registration in Japan is described specifically based on author’s detail and practicable knowledge and experience that have been developed during 50 years’ registration work in a chemical company and a consultant of Joy Consulting Ltd. Japanese guideline of No.12-8147 has revised on 1st April 2017, in which generic system was introduced, OECD-dossier system started, and there were some important changes of data requirements.

      Reasons to Buy

      • Readers who wish to register pesticide in Japan will learn:
      • Japanese pesticide registration system and guideline.
      • Important changes of Japanese pesticide registration under new law.
      • Data requirement of pesticide registration in Japan.
      • Data requirement for Bio-pesticide registration.
      • All kinds of standards, skills and experiences for Japanese pesticide registration.
      • The reports concludes all necessary data in figure or in table. You can study the necessary information from the report.

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