Market study of potato in Ukraine 2017

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      In 2017, Ukrainian farmers reduced the number of fungicide treatments on potatoes .

      Analysts of APK-Inform Agency continued drawing up the results of a panel study "Market of crop protection products in Ukraine 2017".

      According to the study, in 2017 such companies as Bayer and BASF increased their presence on the market of crop protections products applied on potatoes. According to APK-Inform figures, in 2017 the favourable weather conditions allowed to potato producers to reduce the number of fungicide treatments, but to increase the number of insecticide treatments. Thus, in 2017 the average number of fungicide treatments reduced by 20%, and the number of insecticide treatments increased by 26%.

      In the current year, the rating of companies-producers of crop protection products did not face any significant changes. TOP-5 leaders covered more than 95% of the market, which were the same as last year. It should be noted that in the current season the company Adama significantly improved their position. So, if in 2016 the company took the 13th position only, then in the current season it climbed to the 8th stage in the rating.

      As a reminder, APK-Inform Agency started studying the market of crop protection products since 2015. At the same time, two years ago the Agency studied the market segments of oilseeds and grains only, but in 2016-2017 analysts also included potatoes, vegetables and fruit to the above mentioned list.


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