Connected Services and Big Data Analytics in the Global Farming Industry, Forecast to 2022

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      Integration of Big Data Analytics with Connected Farm Equipment Signifies the Next Frontier of Competition

      This study aims to research and analyse the development of Big Data Analytics and connected services in the farm equipment industry and to assess the value proposition of these connected services that address the expectations of farmers and transform their business practices. The farm equipment industry is witnessing another wave of industrial change through IT industry. The formation of smart connected products is creating new opportunities and new areas of business models.

      New functionality, high reliability, and better product utilization are the evaluating parameters for these OEMs. The IoT wave has reshaped competitive factors and expanded industry boundary, from standard products to a system of smart connected products.

      These products help integrate operations, and collect and transit real-time data from farm equipment to a farmer’s dashboard. OEMs are now competing not just at the product-feature level but on the level of offering wholly connected, integrated solutions by connecting their products across various systems and various functions.

      Research Scope
      Market trends are analysed for the study period 2016 to 2022, with 2016 being the base year. Technologies covered in the study are Precision Agriculture, Big Data, IoT, and autonomous systems. Farm equipment, including tractors, harvesters, and sprayers are covered under the product scope of the study.

      The incorporation of Big Data analytics in farming and precision agriculture, a growing trend, is the key focus area in this study. The precision agriculture ecosystem consists of tractor OEMs, seeds and fertilizer manufacturers, technology companies, and hardware and software companies.

      Companies covered in the competitive landscape of this study include John Deere, KUBOTA, Accenture, IBM, Intel, Videophone, Tech Mahindra, Mahindra & Mahindra, Trimble, Cisco, AT&T, CNH Industrial, and others.

      The geographic scope of the study is global, which includes: Europe (all 28 European countries), Russia, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda), Asia-Pacific (India, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Australia).

      Key Questions This Study Will Answer
      • What are the adoption trends in Big Data solutions and services in the farming sector?
      • What are the upcoming technologies involved in the agriculture industries?
      • What are the major digital initiatives taken up by the OEMs in the technology front?
      • What are the drivers and restraints for digital telematics market in the farming sector?
      • What lies ahead for farm equipment manufacturers, Tier I suppliers, and IoT service providers in the Digital Farming landscape?

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