Atrazine Market and Production in China 2017

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      Atrazine, a triazine herbicide, is widely used worldwide, due to its good herbicidal effect, safety to crops and economical price. China is not only a major consumption country of atrazine at home, but also a key supplier at abroad. This report has carried on the analysis of atrazine, including registration, production, producers, import, export, consumption, and price change, as well as its competing products in China. This report can guide investments and business movements for the players who pay close attention to atrazine industry or try to find opportunities from it.

      This report on  Chinese atrazine industry attaches importance to the following parts:
      - Update the registration data related to atrazine technical and formulations in China as of 17, Aug. 2017. 
      - Update the supply of atrazine in China including capacity, output, key producers and potential producers in China in 2014–H1 2017.
      - Update the exports data of atrazine in China by month, destination, exporter and manufacturer in 2013–2016.
      - Update the prices of atrazine technical and formulations and the main raw material cyanuric chloride in 2014–H1 2017.
      - Update the consumption of atrazine in China including volume, value and consumption structure in 2014–2016.
      - The competing products of atrazine in China including 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and acetochlor are provided as well. 

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