Production and Market of Glufosinate-ammonium in China 2017

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      Objectives of this report are to present an in-depth and comprehensive view of Chinese glufosinate-ammonium market, to determine the current status of Chinese glufosinate-ammonium industry and reveals glufosinate-ammonium's competitiveness.

      Boosted by soaring overseas demand and Chinese producers' production technology improvement, China's glufosinate-ammonium production has maintained a spectacular growth in 2012–2016, compared with that in 2007–2011. Attracted by the promising markets of glufosinate-ammonium, Chinese producers have kept on expanding their capacities or establishing new facilities. 

      How much have China's capacity and output of both glufosinate-ammonium technical and formulations increased?
      Which players have expanded their capacities and how much technical and formulations of glufosinate-ammonium have Chinese producers produced in 2012–2016?
      Do they have plans to further expand their capacities?
      What are the major steps in the production process adopted by Chinese glufosinate-ammonium technical producers?
      Have they made any technology improvements in recent years?
      What's the export situation of China's glufosinate-ammonium technical and formulations?
      How the prices have changed in these years?

      In this report, you will find answers to the questions mentioned above.
      The report mainly focuses on the information below.
      - Overview of glufosinate-ammonium supply and suppliers in China, 2012–2016
      - Production technology of glufosinate-ammonium technical
      - Export of glufosinate-ammonium technical and formulations in China (including volume, price, destination and exporter), 2012–2016
      - Consumption structure of glufosinate-ammonium technical in China, 2012–2016

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