Production and Market of Imidacloprid in China 2017

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      Imidacloprid, as one of the major insecticides in China, also takes an important role in the global market. China is not only an imidacloprid producer that can guarantee its own agricultural production, but also an important imidacloprid exporter in the world. This report has carried on the comprehensive analysis of imidacloprid including production technology, production, producers, import, export, consumption, and price change of imidacloprid in China, as well as a professional forecast that guides investments and business movements for the players who pay close attention to imidacloprid industry or try to find opportunities from it.

      Nowadays, China is a major imidacloprid supplier in the world and recorded 23,100 tonnes of imidacloprid technical output in 2016 with an operating rate of about 75%, which was only about 62% in 2012. What are the reasons for the increasing output and operating rate in recent years? And will the output continue enlarging in the next five years (2017–2021)?

      China exported 32,268 tonnes of imidacloprid products valued USD301 million to other countries all over the world. What are the reasons for such a huge export volume? Where are the imidacloprid products exported to? And will the export volume keep on increasing in the next five years (2017–2021)?

      Imidacloprid is mainly used in the control of rice planthoppers and aphids on rice, wheat, vegetables, cotton, etc. Rice is the largest application field of imidacloprid by consumption, and wheat ranks the second. But the consumption of imidacloprid in China has some changes in different crops. What are the changes? How much will the consumption of imidacloprid in China be in the future?

      You can find the answers to above questions in this report. It attaches importance to the following parts:

      - Update all the data related to imidacloprid industry from technical and formulations in China in 2012–2016, including registration, supply, export, price, consumption, etc.
      - Identify the key players and potential producers of imidacloprid industry in China.
      - Emphasize consumption of imidacloprid in 2012–2016, as well as the consumption structure by crops, regions and formulations in 2016.
      - Figure out the development status of the industry and influencing factors including drivers and barriers.
      - Forecast the imidacloprid industry's development in terms of supply, export and demand in 2017–2021.
      - Get a clear understanding of the future development trend, and identify China's position of imidacloprid industry from a global perspective.
      - Explore commercial opportunities of imidacloprid industry in China under the context of the new global economic situation. Analyze substitutes for imidacloprid products in domestic market.

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