Global Biopesticides 2015: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides

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      Regional Coverage: Brazil / China / Japan / Spain / France / Germany / United Kingdom / United States
      Base Year: 2013

      Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides will provide a window into the growing biopesticide segment of the crop protection sector. It will include technology descriptions, company profiles, crop analysis of product pest targets, and, most importantly, provide an outlook and product category forecast for each country/market segment and company.
      The countries to be included are:
      • Brazil
      • China
      • Japan
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • France
      • Germany
      • United Kingdom
      • United States

      NOTE: Other countries can be added for an additional charge. 

      This report provides descriptions of the companies involved in biopesticides, the products and uses these companies have developed, the approximate market sizes by end-use crop and non-crop, plus an outlook for future technologies and products that are being developed and publicized.
      Technologies included-a:
      • Microbial species, such as fungi, viruses, or bacteria, acting as pesticides– Examples include Bacillus, Beauvaria, and spinosad
      • Natural materials with pesticidal properties, such as diatomaceous earth
      • Plant extracts, such as neem, pyrethrum, and others as appropriate
      • Biological seed treatment, including a cross-section of technologies used as protectants and stimulants– Examples include Bacillus, harpin,pseudomonas, and trichoderma

      End use markets reported:
      • Field crops (including cotton, small grains, and soybeans)
      • Fruit and vegetable crops
      • Non-crop professional uses (including turf, ornamentals, forestry, and mosquito control)
      • OTC consumer
      • Seed Treatment - Biological
      (a- Phermones, PGRs, IGRs, herbicides, and repellents are not included in the report.)


      This report will serve as a resource for any organization interested in the emergence of the biopesticide market, its technologies, products, and key companies behind what is happening. Specifically, this report will assist subscribers by providing:
      • Interactive database will allow subscribers to customize the data to fit their needs
      • A highly reliable and independent assessment of current product sales, emerging technologies, and company positions
      • Provide profiles of leading biopesticide companies within each country

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