China Herbicide Trade Flows 2016

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       In 2015, global trade flows of herbicides had changed in some extent. Facing gloomy global economy and declining trend of total trade volume in China, both export volume and value of herbicides in China decreased in 2015 after four years' steady growth. At the same time, the import volume of herbicides declined for the first time since 2011.

      To clearly describe China's trade flows of herbicide in global market and give some constructive opinions, the report has collected lots of information in various ways. In this report, export situation of herbicide has been described in detail, mainly from aspects as follows:

      - Import and export situation of herbicides in China, 2015; 
      - Import and export situation of herbicide technical and formulations in China, 2015;
      - Export situation of major herbicide products in China, 2015-H1 2016; 
      - Export price of major herbicide products in China, 2015-H1 2016;
      - Strategy adjustments of suppliers of herbicides in China;
      - Key factors for the development of herbicides in China;
      - Commercial opportunities;

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