New Discoveries in Insecticide/Miticides from 2000 to 2015

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      Pesticide Consultancy Service started a project New Discoveries in Insecticide/Miticides in 2012 and collected extensive information/research data for 53 new insecticides/miticides introduced from 2000 to 2015. The work was completed in 2015 after four years. We presented the information/research data in comprehensive reports. 


      Products Profiles:
      The major topics covered in the product profiles are as below.
      • Brief account of discovery profile, biological spectrum, mode of action and control of resistant strains of insects/mites are presented to introduce the new insecticides in its perspective.
      • Basic screening studies including laboratory and greenhouse are presented to understand the emerging spectrum of activity of new insecticides against different groups of insects / mite pests  (Lepidoptera Hemiptera Coleoptera Thysanoptera and Tetranychids) and anticipate future potential.
      • Extensive global developmental trial data/results generated by crop protection industries for purpose of registration are presented in depth to provide an insight into the high performance of new insecticide.
      • Around 710 field trials conducted around the world are presented with experimental data in support of field performance of new insecticides in variety of application.
      • Nature of end use products (solo / premixture) introduced in different trade names are given to understand the  variety of introduction into the global market according to the need of each country.Around 100 end use product introduced in USA, Canda, Australia and Europe are presented with composition. 
      • Around 85 product labels as approved by US EPA Canada PMRA and Australia APVMA are presented for use guidelines for new insecticide.
      • European Commission approval including rapporteur member state , completeness of dossier, draft assessment report, peer review by all EU countries and EFSA, national provisional approvals and inclusion in Annex I of EC Regulation 1107/2009 are chronicled step by stp to understand the regulatory journey of new insecticides in European Union.
      • Worldwide registration status of new insecticide particularly in USA, Cananda, Australia and Europe are presented with expected future potential of new insecticide in world crop protection.
      • Global status of insecticide/miticide resistance in different groups of insect/mite pests are detailed to reveal the extend and intensity of resistance around the world and resistance management guidelines to safeguard the new insecticides/miticide from the threatening phenomena.
      We collected elaborate product information / research data for new insecticides from diverse source for four years (2012–2015) and presented the wealth of information / research data in a comprehensive product profiles. 

      The comprehensive 
      product profile is aimed as reference guide for the benefit of Agro Chemical Industry, Plant Protection Associations, Agricultural Universities / Colleges, Central / State Agricultural Research Stations, State Department of Agriculture, Plant protection Advicers, Extension Specialist and Regulatory Authorities around the world.The report is a unique one in creation first of its kind  found nowhere in the world. It is prepared altogether in different perspective to an international standards. It is an excellent compilation of new insecticides / miticides in crop protection.

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