Production and Market of Paraquat in China (2016)

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      Paraquat, one of the most widely used herbicides in the world, was firstly launched in Britain in 1962 and introduced to China in 1978. But it is highly toxic, and studies have found that ingesting just 3 grams of it can cause failure of the liver, kidney and other organs, fibrosis of the lungs, and respiratory failure. There is no known antidote so far.

      Since 1 July, 2016, all paraquat AS formulation products will be forbidden for sale or application in China. Also, the Solicit Opinions Manuscript regarding the prohibition and limitation on the use of some pesticides, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of China in May 2016, has revised paraquat's toxicity and reclassified it as extremely toxic, and field experiments and registration applications for paraquat are no longer to be accepted or approved. 

      China’s paraquat manufacturers and customers all hope to keep paraquat alive and well in the market. Whether the suspension of registration of substitutes for paraquat AS will be reopened still remains unclear. Companies are certainly making efforts on safety production and usage. That’s to say, paraquat is likely to rebound in China. However, these Chinese paraquat manufacturers should not be too optimistic about this.

      Some authorities in the MOA are doubtful toward new formulations and have not approved new registrations yet. As of June 2016, the MOA has not issued any official policies on banning the use of non-AS paraquat formulations.

      For your better understanding and decision making about the paraquat market in ChinaProduction and Market of Paraquat in China provides you the latest and key information of China’s paraquat market.

      In this report, you will be able to find your answers as we will show you: 
      - Detailed research on production, supply, demand, registration and technology on the every part of the whole industrial chain of paraquat market in China
      - Forecast on paraquat industry about supply and demand in China, 2016-2020 
      - Company profiles about 11 major paraquat TK manufacturers in China

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