Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Crop Protection to 2025

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      Our exclusive content:

      ·     In-depth analysis of key trends and driversfor thecrop protection industry

      ·     Detailed ten-year forecast on technology developments in the crop protection market

      ·     70 tables and figures of exclusive data based on primary research

      What methodology is used?

      Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Crop Protection to 2025 is the result of an exhaustive primary research programme incorporating interviews with a panel of leading crop protection technology experts. The expert responses were tabulated and ranked to form the overall top 25 disruptive technologies. Secondary research was carried out to be able to provide a more detailed description of each item on the top 25 list. In addition, the most recent available data was consulted for worldwide crop protection markets. The report provides a unique depth of information and analysis.

      What will you discover?

      ·      The top 25 disruptive technologies set to cause changes in the crop protection industry through the displacement of established technologies and practices over the next ten years.

      ·      New business opportunities for both existing and new, non-traditional market players.

      ·      Insight into the key players in the disruptive technologies for crop protection market.

      Who should buy this report?

      ·      Raw material suppliers

      ·      Formulators and manufactures

      ·      Equipment and technology suppliers

      ·      Sellers and distributors

      ·      Agricultural/Horticultural firms

      ·      Industry consultants and analysts

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