Analysis of China's Pesticide Innovation and Global Coming Off-patent Pesticides

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      China can produce more than 6,000 kinds of pesticides, among them, more than 300 are commonly used. However, China only has about 50 innovative pesticides, and none of them has large market share and high reputation in both domestic and foreign market. In the aspect of pesticide patent application, no domestic pesticide company has more than 1,000 patents. All these lead to a disadvantage for Chinese pesticide companies’ global competition. 

      In the coming few years, more than 30 kinds of pesticide’ patents in global will be expired. Many pesticide companies taking generic line keep an eye on the coming off-patent pesticides. Thus, information about innovative pesticides and pesticide patents will be good references for pesticide companies. This report will present the information with following major contents:
      - Active pesticide ingredients developed by Chinese units   
      - Development units of pesticides innovation in China
      - Pesticide patent layout in China
      - Off-patent pesticides during 2015-2020
      - Registration of off-patent pesticides in China
      - Opportunities and risks for investing in off-patent pesticides

      Hinging around the topic of pesticide innovation and pesticide patent application in China, this report will be useful for companies or institutions like:

      - Pesticide enterprises who are seeking for R&D research institutions in both domestic and overseas’ market;
      - Global generic pesticide companies who are interested in investing on off-patent pesticides;
      - Global pesticide enterprises who are making patent strategic deployments in Chinese pesticide market;
      - Pesticide enterprises’ investment risk analysis; 
      - Any institution who wants to know more about China’s pesticide innovation and pesticide patent application.

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