Merger and Acquisition Case Analysis of Listed Seed Companies in China

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       In recent years, China's seed industry is getting more and more attention. Because there is large gap between China and other developed countries and multinational companies drive the M&A of seed industry, to conduct M&A is urgent for China’s seed companies to integrate their resources and promote their development. It is forecasted that the M&A will increase in the future.

      This report gives detailed case analysis of merger and acquisition of listed seed companies in China, including:

      - To give profiles of Winall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd. (Winall Hi-tech) and Zhongnongfa Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Zhongnongfa Seed);
      - To describe the M&A process of Winall Hi-tech and Zhongnongfa Seed;
      - To analysis the characteristics, experiences and risks of M&A;
      - To analysis the effect of M&A of Winall Hi-tech and Zhongnongfa Seed, including financial and product structure situation.

      Key Questions Answered in this Report

      - What’s the current M&A situation for China seed industry and what will the future situation?
      - What are the underlying trends driving change in the industry?
      - Who are the key vendors in China seed industry?
      - What are the market opportunities brought by M&A cases?



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