Crops in China

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    With over 15-year development, CCMs research in Agriculture ...
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       Planting industry plays a critical role in national economy and people's livelihood. It restrains and promotes the development of the secondary and tertiary industries. Since the establishment of the People Republic of China, especially after the reform and opening up policy in 1980s, China's agriculture has been developing fast. China has fed more than 1/4 of the world's population on 7% of the world's land. 

      What is the general situation of China’s planting industry? How is the crops supply and food security of China now? How is the planting industry chain in China? How are supply and consumption situation of major crops in China? What is the situation of investment analysis on crop planting industry in China? … CCM will give descriptions in this report. 

      This report includes but not limited to the following parts:

      -The influence over crop planting by the change of agro-environment (Change of climate, water and soil condition, urbanization) 
      - Overview of China’s crop planting situation of major crops (Planting area, per unit yield, output,
      GM crops, etc.)
      - Introduction to industry chain of crop planting industry in China (Agricultural facilities, seed, agrochemicals, etc.)
      - Investment analysis on crop planting industry in China (Cost analysis on major crops, situation of VC/PE and IPO on crops planting industry)
      - Comparison on the developing mode of crop planting industry in China (traditional mode and new mode)

      Company mentioned:
      Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
      Heilongjiang State Farms·Beidahuang Group
      COFCO Limited
      China National Agricutural Development Group Co., Ltd.

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