Changes of Herbicide Related Industries in China

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       Over the past decades, both upstream and downstream industries of herbicide industry have witnessed some changes, bringing great influences to China's herbicide industry. 
      Herbicide industry is considered as a promising industry with industry scale expanding constantly, which is mainly because of the fast development of global planting industry. Under the pressure of food security in the world and restricted by the limited land resources, the yield per unit area is very crucial, so choosing highly effective and eco-friendly herbicides is the best way to achieve high yield. Besides, the development of GM crops and biofuels industries also ask for greater amount of herbicides. Thus, planting industry greatly supports Chinese herbicide industry's sustainable development in the future. 
      The planting structure and quality improvement of farming products also result in some changes in the herbicide products structure.  
      In terms of upstream industries, the abundant mining resources ensure the sustainable raw material supply for herbicide industry, while the rising mining cost will increase the production cost of herbicides. Besides, as a big basic chemical raw material producer and exporter in the world, China has abundant chemical raw materials. However, unstable prices of oil will bring some risks to herbicide enterprises' profitability.

      In this report, changes of herbicide related industries have been described,and the influences on herbicide industry also have been deeply analysed.

      The main content of this report include:
      - Changes of planting 
      - Changes of biofuels
      - Changes of mineral resources
      - Changes of basic chemical raw materials
      - Interaction of herbicide industry and its related industries
      - Changes and trends in herbicide industry

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