China’s Fertilizer Market Review & Outlook Outline 2013/2014

    Apr. 10 2014   Pages: 100   Language: English   Price: $2449

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       The report provides an in-depth analysis on recent trends in China’s fertilizer market in 2014 and enables clear decision making for those involved in the industry. 

      Influenced by sluggish demand in both domestic and international markets, China’s fertilizer industry was in downturn in 2013. In this year, the situation of fertilizer industry is in a downward trend, the profit of this industry is compressed again and again, the losses of enterprises enlarged. 

      Under the pressure of weak growth in the fertilizer market, industrial restructuring and merging and reorganization, the number of enterprises decreased continuously. At the same time, equipments and technological level of fertilizer production have been improved, water-coal slurry gasification technology, powdered coal pressurization gasification technology, S-based compound fertilizer production technology and beneficiation technology of low and middle grade phosphate rock have all been used widely and obtained good benefits. Moreover, new fertilizer products represented by slow controlled release fertilizer and microbial fertilizer developed rapidly, and the expansion rate of this market is much higher than the average of fertilizer industry. 

      Where will China’s fertilizer market will to go in 2014? Based on an overall analysis and review of China’s fertilizer market in 2013, combining policy change and national economy operation this report aims to provide the answer to this question

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