Paraguay 2012 agrochemical foreign trade and main Importers

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    Develop solutions to importers of agrochemicals in Paraguay....
    • Summary
    • Table of contents
      * You could know monthly, from January of 2012 to December of 2012 the following information:
      Importer – Origin – Imported Quantity – Imported Agrochemicals – Price – Exporter or Manufacturer.
      * You know all the purchases made in the country of Raw material divided by 4 categories (Fungicide, Herbicide, Insecticide, Fertilizer).The tables contain the following information:
      Importer – Origin – Quantity – Merchandise – Cif Price – Exporter or Manufacturer – Kilo Gross 
      * You can find all the purchases made by each importer in the section: Details of the importer.
      This section is divided into Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, and Fertilizer.
      * You will have the graphics of the major importers, separated by Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, and Fertilizers. Located by amount of purchases made during the year.
      * Ranking of Importers separated by: Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides and Fertilizers.
      The importer will be able to know, origin, net kilo bought, payed price, accumulated percentage.  Ordered by major to minor Importer.
      * Register by Company: You will have a table with all the agrochemical registers in Paraguay, detailed for: Register Number, Registered product, company that owns the registration, licensing and expiration date, current state registration, active ingredient, formulation type, chemical group, toxicological classification, country of origin, type of Agrochemical (Fungicide, Herbicide, Insecticide).

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