Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry 2012-2017: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis

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      The global nitrogen fertilizer market is forecast to reach an estimated US $109.83 billion in 2017 with good progress over the next five years. Global population growth and insufficiently nutritious diets are the major concerns in emerging countries. These issues drive the application of nitrogen fertilizer and are leading the industry to future growth.  

      The nitrogen fertilizer industry is fragmented, and is highly dependent on crop yield, farmer awareness, and the availability of credit. The Asia Pacific (APAC) region dominates the industry. APAC witnessed the highest growth during last the five years due to increased meat and dairy product consumption. The higher consumption led to greater demand for additional plant cultivation in APAC, and therefore a higher demand for nitrogen fertilizers. Unfavorable weather conditions have negatively affected crop production in many producer countries. This scenario has led to a constant decrease in the world's crop stocks, which in turn creates a higher demand for nitrogen fertilizers.  

      This research indicates that raw materials such as crude oil, which saw prices increase 37% while natural gas prices increased 27% during 2007-2008. These higher costs drove the price and the growth of nitrogen fertilizer in 2008. Global production and trade of nitrogen fertilizer, however, were adversely affected in 2009 as the global demand for fertilizers collapsed due to the economic downturn.  

      As indicated in the study, maintaining adequate food supplies remains a serious problem in many locations around the globe. Nitrogen fertilizers have been proven to significantly increase farming productivity by providing essential soil nutrients in both developed and developing countries. Global population and economic growth are the major forces driving increased global food demand, crop production, and nitrogen fertilizer use.  

      This study provides an overview of the nitrogen fertilizer industry, tracking one market segment across four geographic regions. Thus, a total of four segments of the global nitrogen fertilizer industry are tracked.  

      This comprehensive guide provides readers with valuable information and the tools needed to successfully drive critical business decisions with a thorough understanding of the market's potential. This report will save clients hundreds of hours in personal research time on a global market and it offers significant benefits in expanding business opportunities throughout the global nitrogen fertilizer industry analysis. In a fast-paced ever-changing world, business leaders need every advantage available to them in a timely manner to drive change in the market and to stay ahead of their competition. This report provides business leaders with a keen advantage in this regard by making them aware of emerging trends and demand requirements on an annual basis.  

      To make any investment or strategic decision, you need adequate and timely information. This market report fulfills this core need. Some of the features of this market report are:  

      - Industry size estimates in terms of (US $) value by regions  
      - Global nitrogen fertilizer industry analysis annual trend (2007-2012) and forecast (2013-2018)  
      - Porter's Five Force analysis  
      - New product launch and merger and acquisition activity in global nitrogen fertilizer industry analysis  
      - Quarterly demand trend (Q1 2010-Q4 2011) and forecast analysis (Q1 2012-Q4 2013) for global nitrogen fertilizer industry analysis  
      - Gross and net profit trends in the global nitrogen fertilizer industry analysis  
      - Cost structure trend in the global as well as regional nitrogen fertilizer analysis  

      The report is in PowerPoint format and has hundreds of critical data and market insights that will help in effective decision-making.  

      Who Can Benefit From This Report?  

      This study is intended for senior level executives, sales, marketing and business development professionals at various nodes of value chain of this market. This multi-client market study is used by small to multi-national Fortune 500 companies and utilized for a variety of reasons as follows.  

      - Business development  
      - Strategic planning  
      - Business presentation  
      - Determination of market size and trend  
      - Competitive analysis  
      - Resource and inventory management  
      - Budgeting  
      - Investment decisions  

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