Production and Market of Propanil in China

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    • Summary
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       This intelligent report attaches importance to the following parts:

      ? Production summary of propanil (its capacity, output and key manufacturers) and consumption summary by volume in China during 2010-2012
      ? Detailed study of propanil's upstream industry (its supply, manufacturers, price, etc.)
      ? Price of propanil during 2007-2012 and the export of propanil technical and formulations during 2011-2012
      ? Forecast of the Chinese propanil industry to 2017
      ? Key factors influencing the development of propanil in China

      What are the aims of this report?

      -To provide readers with a comprehensive & in-depth understanding on the Chinese propanil industry;
      -To identify the major suppliers of propanil in China;
      -To survey the current production situation of propanil technical;
      -To discuss and analyze the price fluctuations and find out reasons for such fluctuations;
      -To analyze the export situation of propanil; 
      -To find out what drives and restricts the development of propanil;
      -To predict the future of China’s propanil industry.


      By Mar. 2013, the capacity of domestic propanil has reached xxxt/a, with an output of xxx tonnes in 2012 mainly consumed by the export market. There are xxx active producers of propanil technical in China up to Mar. 2013. Domestic propanil technical capacity is mainly concentrated in xxx Province (whose output accounts for around xxx% of the domestic total in 2012). The output of propanil formulations is about xxx tonnes in China in 2012, mainly propanil xxxg/L EC, propanil xxxg/L EC and propanil xxxg/L EC. Thanks to the increasing overseas demand, China's output of propanil will continuously increase with an expected CAGR of xxx% from 2013-2017.

      Import & export

      China imported almost no propanil technical and propanil formulations in the past few years.

      The total export volume of propanil keeps increasing sharply in 2012, reaching its highest point of xxx tonnes (converted to 97% technical), a near xxx of that in 2011. xxx is the largest export destination of propanil technical from China, accounting for about xxx% of the total in 2012. In terms of propanil formulations, over xxx% of Chinese exported propanil formulations is exported to xxx.


      On the whole, China's propanil price saw an uptrend from 2007 to 2012. The average ex-work price of 97% propanil technical increased by xxx% from 2007 to 2012. The main factors included the increased labour cost and price of raw materials.


      Domestic consumption of propanil has kept rising steadily in the past few years, with a CAGR of xxx% from 2010 to 2012. xxx is a major application field of propanil, representing almost all the domestic consumption of propanil. China's demand for propanil is predicted to remain stable in the coming five years, consuming about xxx tonnes of propanil (converted to 97% technical) per year.

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