Report_Survey of Metamitron in China

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      Metamitron, a triazine herbicide with low toxicity and low residue, was first developed by Bayer in 1975. It is a selective pre-emergent herbicide, which is mainly used to control annual weeds in sugar beet field. In China, the registration number of metamitron is quite small.

      From this report,you can get a lot of useful information about metamitron,such as:
      - Production situation of main manufacturers of metamitron technical in China;
      - Price situation from 2009 to 2012 and reasons for the changes;
      - Export situation of metamitron technical in China.

      Companies mentioned:

      Hebei Wanquan Hongyu Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Rosi Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory

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