Production and Market of Tebuthiuron in China

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      Presenting an in-depth analysis of China’s current tebuthiuron market and future trends, this report attaches importance to the following parts:

      - Supply summary of tebuthiuron (capacity, output and key manufacturers) in China during 2008-2012

      - Production technology of tebuthiuron

      - Export situation of tebuthiuron during 2011-2012

      - Price of tebuthiuron in 2012

      - Forecast on the tebuthiuron industry

      All data that related to tebuthiuron industry has been updated with high data accuracy.

      What are the aims of this report?

      - To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding on Chinese tebuthiuron industry;

      - To identify the major suppliers of tebuthiuron in China;

      - To survey the current production situation of tebuthiuron;

      - To discuss and analyze the price fluctuations and find out reasons for such fluctuations;

      - To analyze the export situation of tebuthiuron;

      - To predict what the future of China’s tebuthiuron industry will be.

      Companies mentioned:

      - Yancheng South Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      - Zhejiang Hetian Chemical Co., Ltd.
      - Zhejiang Yifan Chemical Co., Ltd.

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