China Agrochemical Market Monthly Report

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      China Agrochemical Market Monthly Report(CAMMR) is published by Agropages in the beginning of each month, providing you with fresh news in last month of  China Agro-related market, including Agrochemical Industry Dynamics,Agriculture Events, Agrochemical Company Dynamics,Agrochemical Product Dynamics and Regulations & Policies Updates, to provide assistance in exploring the investment and business opportunities in China.

      Features of CAMMR
      Comprehensive: Include all agrochemical related events in China market
       in the beginning of each month 
      Authoritativeness: News from authoritative sources
      Specialization: Based in China, devoted to agrochemical  

      Who needs CAMMR
      --Multinationals who position China as a strategic market
      --Overseas generic companies interested in China market
      --Specialty chemical companies serving the China market
      --Trade companies in business with China.

      Benefits of the monthly reports:
      --Identify the highlights of agrochemical and agriculture news of last month at the first glance
      --Provide you assistance in exploring the investment and business opportunities in China. 
      --Get a historical review of some parameters of Chinese market to observe the trends of agrichemicl production, major product price, etc.
      --Track multinationals activities in China and Chinese local companies dynamics

      USD 2500 for one year, 12 issues.

      Contact us for more details and get the latest issue as a sample for your reference!

      Contact: Terry / email :terry@agropages  skype: terry19chow   

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