Indian Seeds Industry

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    With years of experience of global agrochemical industry rep...
    • Summary
    • Table of contents
      The report provides facts on the Indian Seed Industry, supplemented by the latest available
       statistics.The report is divided into three sections. Section I covers CARE Researchs long- term &  medium-term outlook on the industry and key concerns of industry.Section II covers overview of global and local agriculture industry, analysis of the Indian seed industry, supply and demanscenario couplewith specific analysis of cottoseed industry. It also provides information about regulatory aspects of seed industry and detailed analysis with emphasis on registration process. Also,report provides comments on the industry margins and includes profile of key players. Following are the points which are emphasised to accomplish the report:
      Ø  CARE Researchs perspectiveofthe globalseed industry
      Ø  CARE Researchs outlook onseed demand/supply
      Ø  CARE Research’s outlook onprofitability
      Ø  Key challengesoftheindustry way forward
      Ø  Informationand analysisof global and Indianagriculture
      Ø  Informationand analysisof global and Indianseedindustry
      ü  Demand/supply
      ü  Component
      Ø  Informationand analysisof Indian cottonseed industry
      ü  Demand/supply
      ü  Product lifecycle(PLC)
      ü  Key concerns
      Ø  Cost and profitability analysis
      Ø  Regulatory aspect
      Ø  Playerprofile
      Ø  Annexures
      The subscription to this report includes four quarterly updates on the industry for the period Q3FY2012 – Q2FY2013.

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