Report on China’s Vegetable Seed Industry

    May 01 2012   Pages: 96   Language: English   Price: Inquire

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    • Summary
    • Table of contents
      This report provides a comprehensive and detailed description of the status quo of China’s vegetable seed market, and conducts a professional estimation and analysis of the development orientation of China’s vegetable seed market. The main contents of report on China’s vegetable seed industry include:
      1. an in-depth analysis of the vegetable types, cultivated varieties, and major planting types in key provinces in Segmented Market of China’s vegetable planting areas, i.e. south China, Yangtze River Area, Southwest China, Northwest China, Northeast China, and Huang-Huai-Hai and Bohai Area;
      2. an in-depth analysis of seed market and corresponding leading enterprises of the Segmented Markets of China’s major types of vegetable seeds, i.e. tomato, cucumber, egg plant, pepper, Chinese cabbage, radish, wild cabbage, watermelon, melon and sweet-waxy maize;
      3. an introduction of the development status quo of domestic and overseas vegetable seed enterprises and their leading products in the market;
      4. an analysis of China’s vegetable seed import & export;
      5. the future development of China’s vegetable seed industry.

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