Phosphates Market Review

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      Phosphates Market Review is an absolutely essential resource for anyone interested in the detailed information on the reviewed market. Using a wide range of primary and secondary sources, we combined, analyzed and presented all available data about Phosphates in the all-in-one report issued in a coherent format.

      In addition to the descriptive part, the report provides a range of tables and figures which give a true insight into the relevant national, regional and global markets of Phosphates.

      The report also features next five year forecasts by market experts and analysts.

      Monthly market monitoring service for Phosphates is also available.

      Monthly Phosphates Market Monitoring:
      • Summarizes key events occurred in Phosphates worldwide.
      • Covers Phosphates weekly prices by region and supplies with one-year historical background.
      • Monitors activities of Phosphates market players.
      • Issued monthly, available on annual subscription.
      • The report represents a thorough study of Phosphates, covering both global and regional markets.
      • It aims to give a proper picture of the pertinent market, as well as its trends, perspectives and opportunities.
      • It covers the present situation, historical background and future forecast of Phosphates market.
      • Comprehensive data showing Phosphates production, consumption, trade statistics and prices are provided (both nationwide and worldwide).
      • Each country’s market overview covers the following: Phosphates production in the country, major producers, Phosphates consumption in the country market, Phosphates trade in the country, Phosphates prices.
      • The report offers a 5 year outlook on the reviewed market, including Phosphates market volume predictions and price trends.
      Reasons to Buy

      The immediate benefits of buying this report are as follows:
      • Your knowledge of the Phosphates market will become unparalleled.
      • The unique analysis of the relevant market as well as detailed knowledge of both global and regional factors impacting the industry will take you one step further in managing your business environment.
      • You will boost your company’s business/sales activities.
      • Your search for prospective partners and suppliers will be largely facilitated.
      • An in-depth market forecast will strengthen your decision-making process.
      • Besides annual market intelligence your knowledge of the Phosphates industry can be enriched by the Monthly market monitoring service offered by the company.
      About Phosphates Market

      Phosphate rock is called a range of phosphorus-bearing minerals that are commercially exploited. Over 90% of phosphate rock is used to produce fertilisers. The other application is in the manufacture of detergents, animal feedstock and many other uses.

      Rapid price increase for phosphate rock in 2009 resulted from the combination of increased world consumption, tighter supply of phosphate rock, high freight rates, rising energy costs, and a weaker dollar. Today China leads in prosution capacities, supplying 37.6% of total output.

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